Everyday Blessings

January can be very cold and snowy in Iowa. The landscape is a combination of white and brown. But every January, God blesses us at Deaf Missions with some bright spots of color.

During January we see many beautiful red cardinals gather in the trees around the Deaf Missions building. These bright spots of red are easy to see against the brown trees and white ground. The cardinals are so beautiful!

God blesses us in so many ways every day. I call these cardinals “everyday blessings.” Often we do not notice these blessings, but when we do, they remind us of God’s kindness and His plan for our lives.

Our Bible verses today tell us that God “gives us plenty of good things” (verse 5a). I challenge you in 2017 to look around and notice all the good things that God has given you. Then thank Him for these everyday blessings!