Everything I Need

People who babysit or take care of young children know that there are two kinds of babies — crying babies and contented babies. Usually babies cry because they need to be fed or have their diaper changed. But contented babies are happy. They feel safe and have everything they need.

Psalm 23 gives us a picture of true contentment. This psalm lists several ways that a good shepherd provides for his sheep — feeds them grass, leads them to water, shows them the right path to take and keeps them safe from danger.

In the same way, God takes care of us. He gives us strength, helps us not be afraid, comforts us and welcomes us as an honored guest. God also shows us His goodness until we are overflowing with His wonderful blessings. Psalm 23:6 tells us the result of God taking care of us. “Your goodness and mercy will be with me all my life, and I will live in the Lord’s house a long, long time.” That is a description of a person who is contented and has everything he needs!

Remember today that God loves you and will always take care of you. He will give you everything you need so you can live for Him every day.