Everything You Need

Television ads try to tell us what we need – a new car, a certain kind of cereal, soap that cleans better than any other soap. We do need transportation, food and to be clean. But our Bible Reading today tells us what we really need. Verse 10a says, “And in Christ you are full. You need nothing else.” If you are a Christian, you live in Christ. You have everything you need!
I remember one time I was flying in a plane. In that plane I had everything I needed to survive. I had food and water, the right temperature and air pressure, and people to talk to. In the same way, in Christ I have love, wisdom, power and fellowship with God. That is everything I need to enjoy life. I do not need to think about the hurts, fears and worries of my past. Instead I need to obey Christ.
Maybe you are not a Christian. Or maybe you have stopped having a close relationship with Jesus. Think about your life today. The only way to have everything you need is to follow God’s plan for your life.