Sometimes I hear a sermon or go to a Christian retreat and I become very excited to work for God. One time I was so excited that I made a plan to travel from country to country preaching the Gospel. Then someone asked me, “How will you pay for this?” After I realized that I would have to raise money, I was not as excited.
In our Bible verses today, God told Moses that He wanted him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Moses may have been excited at first, but then he realized that he would have to face the Egyptian Pharaoh. Then Moses started bringing up excuses why he might not be the person for this job.
God wants all of us to work for Him. Sometimes we are excited about what we are doing for God. Other times we are nervous and afraid. But the important thing is that God will be with us. God told Moses, “So go. I will be with you when you speak. I will give you the words to say” (Exodus 4:12).
Trust God to be with you as you work for Him today.