Do you like to exercise? I don’t like to exercise. But I know that exercise is good for me. Exercise keeps my body healthy.
I go to an exercise class. Sometimes the teacher will make me do exercises that hurt. And often I do not understand why she has me do a certain kind of exercise. Then she will say, “You may not like to do these hard exercises. But someday you will thank me for making you exercise.” My teacher knows that sometimes exercise hurts, but it is good for my body.
The verses in our Bible Reading today remind us that we do not always understand the things that happen to us. Sometimes God allows bad things like sickness, death, divorce or financial problems to happen to us. But we need to remember that God knows what is best for us. We do not know what will happen to us in the future, but God knows. When bad things happen, God can make good things happen in our lives, too.
God will be with you today and help you through the bad times. Thank God today for His wonderful plan for your life.