Exodus (1)

The book of Exodus is filled with stories about how God took care of His people. For the next few days, we will talk about some of these stories.

Exodus 1:8 tells us that there was a new king in Egypt. He was worried that the Israelite nation would grow large and fight against him. So the king made the Israelites his slaves. But the Israelites continued having children. Nurses helped the women when they gave birth. Verse 16 of our Bible Reading tells us that the king of Egypt told these nurses, “You will continue to help the Hebrew women give birth to their children. If a girl baby is born, let the baby live. But if the baby is a boy, you must kill him!”

These nurses trusted God and did not obey the king. God took care of these nurses and blessed their families. Even though the king could have killed these nurses, they still obeyed God. Are you willing to obey God in every situation today? He will be with you and give you strength and peace!