Exodus (6)

God gave Moses laws for the Israelites. Some of these laws are listed in our Bible Reading today. Usually we call these ten laws the “Ten Commandments.” God gave these laws so the Israelites would know how to honor Him and to live peacefully with each other.

Recently I read through the Ten Commandments. As I read each command, I thought about how I try to love God every day and to obey Him. But when I read verse 8, I stopped and thought for a long time about my life. Verse 8 talks about setting aside time to rest and to honor God.

Americans are very busy people. We have our jobs, families, church activities, social media and many other things to keep us busy. We live very stressful lives. Often we do not take time to do two important things — honor God and rest our bodies.

Set aside some special time to rest and to focus on God. You will receive both physical and spiritual blessings for doing this.