Exodus (7)

Today is our last devotion from the book of Exodus. In our Bible verses, Moses talked to God. Moses asked God to show him His glory. So God hid Moses in a crack in a rock and then passed by him. Wow – that was something very special!

Moses also asked God for something else. In verse 13, Moses said to God, “…teach me your ways. I want to know you.” That is a wonderful example for us. Every day we should ask God to teach us more about Him.

How does God teach us about Himself? First, we can look at the world around us. When we see all the wonderful things God has created, we learn about His power and beauty. Second, we can learn about God by reading His Word. When we read the Bible, we learn how God works in the lives of people who love Him.

Do you want God to teach you His ways? Do you truly want to know God? Look at the world He made today and read about His love and goodness