Explore the Bible

Some people love to explore the world. They travel to different countries. They learn about the people and customs in these countries. These people use their new knowledge to help them understand about the world.
Exploring the world can be fun. But I think exploring the Bible is fun, too. And you can do that from your own home! When I explore the Bible, I learn new things. These new things help me understand about God and His plan for my life.
Our Bible Reading today talks about the Lord’s teachings. That means the Bible. Verse 2 says, “A good person loves the Lord’s teachings. He thinks about them day and night.” When I read a Bible verse, I need to think about it. That way I can know how that verse applies to my life.
You can go exploring today! Grab your Bible and dig into God’s Word. The Bible will introduce you to new people and places and show you how you can live for God.