Eyes to See

God was not happy. The Israelites had seen His blessings. But, they did not appreciate His blessings. Even though they could see these things, they did not obey God.
In Ezekiel 12:2b, God said, ?They have eyes to see the things I have done for them. But they don?t see those things. They have ears to hear the things I told them to do. But they don?t hear my commands. Why? Because they are a rebellious people.?
In the last few verses of our Bible Reading, we learn that God punished the Israelites. Some of them experienced disease, hunger and war because they rebelled against God.
We need to be careful. God has blessed us (deaf people) with eyes to see Him. We can see God through the things He made. And God gave us eyes to read the Bible in English and watch His Word in American Sign Language (Deaf Missions has available the entire New Testament in American Sign Language).
Using our eyes to see is good. We must obey God, too. Start obeying Him today.