The Holy Spirit inspired all the prophets. But in Ezekiel’s writings, he told how the Spirit brought him the inspiration in a very unique way. Ezekiel gives a very detailed description of the time when God first appeared to him to make him a prophet (Ezekiel chapters 1-3).
Ezekiel describes times when the Spirit strengthened him to receive God’s message (Ezekiel 2:2; 3:12,24). Ezekiel also told about times when the Spirit would carry him away to see special visions of God’s message (Ezekiel 8:3; 11:1, 24; 37:1).
Because Ezekiel wrote down all these details, we can see that God was very active in Ezekiel’s life. Also we can see that God’s Spirit was very active in giving God’s messages to Ezekiel. The Spirit also helped him understand those messages and share them with other people.
As Christians, we also can know that God is working in our lives every day. We need to allow God’s Spirit to teach and guide us and to help us understand God’s will for our lives.