Ezra (3)

Our Bible Reading today tells us about a time when God’s people did not obey Him. God had told the Jews that they should not allow their sons and daughters to marry foreigners who did not worship God. But the Jews disobeyed God!
Ezra loved and worshiped God. He bravely confronted the Jews and told them that they had sinned against God. In verse 12 he reminded the people about God’s commands. “Obey my commands so that you will be strong and enjoy the good things of the land. And then you can keep this land and give it to your children.”
God’s people sinned, but Ezra encouraged them to confess their sin, repent and start obeying God. We are sometimes like the Jews. We sin and turn away from God. God wants us to return to Him. He wants to bless us and help us not sin again.
Confess your sin, change your heart and follow God. He is ready to forgive and bless you.