Ezra (4)

Yesterday we talked about the Jews disobeying God. Ezra was very sad about their sin. Verse 1 of our Bible Reading says, “Ezra was praying and confessing. He was crying and bowing down in front of God’s Temple.”
Then one man, Shecaniah, was very brave. He confessed that the Jews had sinned. “We have not been faithful to our God. We have married the people living around us. But even though we have done this, there is still hope for Israel” (verse 2b). Then Ezra, the priests and the rest of the Jews promised to obey God.
It is often hard to admit that we have sinned. But after we confess our sin, other Christians will support us and help us to stay away from temptation.
Thank God today for His amazing forgiveness! Follow Him and obey His Word.