F.A.T. People

A preacher once told me that God uses F.A.T. people. The preacher wasn’t talking about people who are overweight. He was talking about people who are faithful, available and teachable.

If our faith is small, we don’t pay attention to what God says in His Word and then apply it to our lives. We need to be faithful and live for Him every day. If we are busy every day and focus on our cell phone and computer, we will not pray attention when God wants us to bless other people. We should be available to serve Him. When we think that we know everything, we are not willing to grow in Jesus. We need to be teachable and allow God to change us.

Paul reminds us in our Bible verses that we need to be careful how we live and do good to others. If you do what Paul says, you will be faithful, available and teachable.