Peter loved and followed Jesus for several years. And Peter even followed Jesus after He was arrested. But Peter was afraid. Our Bible Reading today tells us that three times in one night, Peter said he didn?t know Jesus.
When Peter realized what he had done, he cried. He was sad, and he probably felt that he was not good enough to follow Jesus. But Jesus loved Peter. Jesus knew that Peter loved Him, too. And Jesus knew that Peter would still do wonderful things for God.
We all face situations where we fail to follow and obey God. But God can still use us. He wants us to do great and wonderful things for His kingdom.
John, chapter 21, tells us that Peter did not continue to fail. He told Jesus that he would always follow Him. The book of Acts tells how Peter became a great preacher and leader in the early church.
We should be like Peter. When we fail, we should not give up. Let God use you for His glory today.