Faith Hall of Fame (1)

In the devotion for January 5th, Chad talked about the “Faith Hall of Fame” from Hebrews, chapter 11. Today we will begin a series of devotions about some of the people mentioned in this chapter.
Noah was a man of great faith. He is mentioned in Hebrews 11:7. Noah obeyed God and built a huge boat. God told Noah that he and his family and many animals would be saved in the boat. Probably people watched Noah and laughed at him. They could not understand why Noah was building a boat. But Noah did not stop obeying God. “Noah did everything God commanded him” (verse 22). Noah had faith that God would take care of him.
Sometimes people make fun of us when we obey God. But we should not stop obeying God. We should be like Noah and remember that God will take care of us. Have faith in God today and continue to obey Him.