Faith Hall of Fame (8)

Verse 32 of Hebrews 11 also mentions David. David became king of Israel, but before that, he was a shepherd who took care of his father’s sheep.
Our Bible Reading today tells us a story that we all love to read — the story about David and Goliath. David challenged the giant Goliath and won. How did he do this? Was David a big, strong man? No, David was just a boy. Did David use special weapons? No, he only used a sling.
David was able to defeat Goliath because he had faith in God. David believed that God would help him do something that seemed impossible. Verse 37 of our Bible Reading says, “The Lord saved me from the lion and the bear. He will also save me from this Philistine.”
Maybe God has given you a job to do, but you think that it is impossible. Trust Him to help you and give you strength and wisdom.