Faith in God

It is very important for us to believe in God. But having complete faith in God is not something that just happens. Faith needs to grow with experience.
Once I learned how to drive a race car. I had to spend time in the car. I had to learn about the parts of the car. I had to experience how it feels to drive the car. I had to feel the weight shift of the car and how to control it in a turn. Learning all those things took time and experience. Soon I had faith that I could safely drive the race car.
Having faith in God is somewhat like driving a race car. At first you need to learn to depend on God a little. Then you will know that God will take care of you. Each time you need God’s help, you can grow in your faith. The more you study the Bible and learn about God and His love, the more faith you will have.
Verse 17 of our Bible Reading tells us that we can be right with God through our faith. Ask God to help your faith grow each day.