Faith Journey (1)

Today and for the next few days I will share with you how I learned about Jesus and how my faith has grown through the years. I call this my “Faith Journey.”
When I was little, I had terrible nightmares. My grandparents came to visit us in California. We went to San Juan Capistrano to watch the swallows that came there every year. My grandma took me to the chapel there and bought me a picture of Jesus. In the daytime, the picture looked normal. But at night, the picture glowed in the dark. This picture gave me comfort and peace at night.
I loved looking at that picture of Jesus, and that was the beginning of my faith journey. My grandma taught me about Jesus, and later my parents took me to Sunday School where I learned more.
Our Bible verses today teach us that God is our place of safety and that we can trust Him to protect us. Trust God today to take care of you and comfort you.