Faith Journey (10)

Through the past few days I have shared some experiences from my faith journey. Today I want to tell you about my dad.
One day he called me and asked me to come see him. When I arrived, his face was glowing — I had never seen him look like that. He told me that he had a dream. In the dream he was standing at a door. When the door opened, he saw himself on the other side. He said what he saw in that dream was just too wonderful to describe. Three days later my dad died.
I believe what my dad saw in his dream was what John described in our Bible Reading today. “The one sitting there was as beautiful as precious stones, like jasper and carnelian. All around the throne was a rainbow with clear colors like an emerald” (verse 3).
I don’t know where you are in your faith journey, but I encourage you to trust God and look forward to living with Him forever.