Faith Journey (3)

When I was older, I stopped going to church. When I met my husband, he was not a Christian. So it was easy for me to not go to church. But I was not happy with my life!
A doctor told us that we could not have children. So when our son, Matthew, was born, I knew he was a special gift from God. My husband and I started attending different churches. One church taught things that were not in the Bible, and at another church, no one spoke to us. We became discouraged and wondered if there was a church that followed the Bible.
Finally, we found a Bible-believing church. The minister helped us understand that we needed to make Jesus our Lord and Savior. My husband and I were baptized. That was the happiest day of our lives! That was forty years ago, and we are still praising God for leading us to a church that followed His Word.
Our Bible verses today tell us how we can be joined with Jesus. I hope that you are living a new life and serving Him!