Faith Journey (5)

When my husband and I became Christians, we were so excited to share Jesus with our family and friends! My brother and his friend came to visit us from California. We told them about Jesus. They both became Christians, found Christian women to become their wives and made their homes near us.
My parents moved close to us, too. I did not know if they would become Christians, but I prayed that God would help me tell them about Jesus. My husband’s parents never went to church, but we prayed that they would also believe. When my father-in-law had a heart attack, the first thing he said after his surgery was that he wanted to become a Christian. My husband had the pleasure of baptizing both his parents and my parents.
New Christians are excited to tell others about Jesus. In our Bible verses for today, we read about the first church in Jerusalem. Because these people shared Jesus with others, the church grew and grew!