Faith Journey (6)

January 9, 1992 was a good day for me. I taught a women’s class at church in the morning. We talked about the spiritual gifts that God gives us. Our Bible verses today are the ones we studied in that class.
My mom was in that class. She always thought that no one wanted her. But during that lesson she realized that God had given her the gifts of giving and encouraging. She was thrilled to finally feel wanted.
The next day, my mother died of a heart attack. I was overcome with grief. I came home and turned on the radio. The song that was playing on the radio was a Christian song about heaven. God used this song to comfort me and give me peace.
Even through the experience of death, God was helping my faith to grow. I learned that I can always depend on Him — even when I am sad. You can depend on God, too! Let Him guide you and help you grow closer to Him.