Faith Journey (8)

My faith in God has grown through the years as my husband and I have served God in several different areas in our church.
For 22 years, I taught a class for two to four-year-olds. But the church changed their program, and I was no longer needed. I was sad, but I knew that God had another place of service for me. Soon our pastor’s wife asked me and my husband to start a class for college students. We had a wonderful ministry with those young people.
Later I went back to teaching a class for young children. That was a tiring job, but I really enjoyed it. After that, my husband and I took care of children while their parents were in a Bible study. That group was another blessing from God!
God has taught me that when one opportunity for service ends, He will show me something new that I can do for Him. In our Bible verses today Paul talks about how we should act as we serve God. Remember to do everything today for God!