Faith Journey (9)

My son was living in Phoenix, AZ. One day he rode his bike to work. A truck made a u-turn and hit him. My son flew through the air and landed 25 feet away. His elbow was shattered, and he was rushed to surgery.
Again my husband and I drove to be with him. It was hard to watch him suffer. His arm looked terrible. That night I cried and prayed to God. I told God that I knew it must have been hard for Him to watch Jesus suffer on the cross. I asked God to be merciful and take care of my son.
The next morning my son told me, “A strange thing happened last night. All of a sudden the pain got better.” I told my son that I had been praying and that this was an answer to my prayer.
This experience made me think about our verses for today. Verse 1 says, “I cry out to God for help. I cry out to you, God: listen to me!” As I prayed to God and received His answer and comfort, my faith grew.