Faithful Friends*

Duane King and Jim Price were the first two full-time staff members of Deaf Missions. When Deaf Missions began, one of its main goals was “to prepare Bible visuals for the deaf.” Jim was hired to fulfill that goal. All of Deaf Missions’ early illustrations on overhead transparencies, posters, printed literature and captioned slides show the impressive style of Jim Price. Many of Jim’s designs are still printed and used by Deaf Missions. (The illustration for today’s devotion is one of Jim’s poster designs.)
Jim had a great impact on my life. Jim was a family friend, and he often encouraged me in my artistic abilities. He suggested that someday maybe I could become the Deaf Missions artist. That idea was a seed planted in my heart. This idea spoken seven or eight years earlier became a reality in 1978. That spring I completed my freshman year of college and started working at Deaf Missions as an artist!
I believe that God called me to Deaf Missions using the kind words of a good friend. I hope that you, too, will encourage your friends as they try to serve God every day.