Faithful Love

One of the best examples of faithful love is a dog and his master. Dogs are very faithful pets. I have read many stories about how dogs have faithfully stayed near their masters and protected them. Friends may be good examples of faithfulness, too. Some friends are always available to love us, help us, encourage us and give us comfort.

But the very best example of faithful love is God. The Bible is filled with stories about God’s faithfulness to His people, the Israelites. Even when they disobeyed God, He still loved them and was faithful to them and His plan for their lives.

In Lamentations 3:22-23, the prophet, Jeremiah, talked about God’s faithful love for His people. “We are still alive because the Lord’s faithful love never ends. Every morning he shows it in new ways! You are so very true and loyal!” Not only is God faithful, He shows His faithfulness to us in new ways every day.

Because God faithfully loves us, we should be faithful to Him. Love Him and trust Him today. Read His Word. Pray to Him and serve Him faithfully. And don’t forget to thank God for His faithful love for you every day!