Faithful People

I had to mail something large. I put it in a box, but there were empty spaces. So to keep it from rattling around, I poured packing material into the empty spaces.
This illustration about empty spaces reminds me of our busy lives. We have our home, family, work, social media, hobbies and holidays to fill our lives. But we do have a few free moments, so we try to squeeze God into these small, empty spaces in our lives. We may pray at meal time — if we remember to do it. Or we may read our Bible before breakfast — if we don’t oversleep.
Instead of just giving God a few moments of our life, we should be filling ourselves with Him. All of our plans should focus on glorifying and serving God. Our Bible verse today shows us that God wants people to be faithful to Him.
We can be faithful people by giving ourselves to God and letting Him show us His plan for our lives. Give God your whole life today!