Faithful People

I heard a story about a man who dropped his wallet down a dry well. The man was too large to fit in the well so he asked his son to get the wallet.
The man carefully measured a rope and gave it to his son. Then the son climbed down the rope into the well. When the son was at the end of the rope, he became worried and shouted to his father. The man said, “You can let go of the rope now and fall to the floor.” But the son was afraid and would not let go. Finally, the son became so tired that his hands let go of the rope. He fell about 3 inches to the floor where he found the wallet! The son was embarrassed that he did not have faith in his father.
Our Bible verses today remind us that we need to have faith in God. If we have faith in God, He will be pleased with us, and we will understand more about Him.
Have faith in God today. Trust Him to take care of you.