Faithful People*

Many young people want to be like famous people they see on TV or read about in magazines. These young people want to have money, success and popularity. They want to have a good time in life. Their goals are to have earthly things instead of spiritual things.
Earthly things can make a person happy for a short time, but they do not last. Often we see that famous people are not really happy. They have sorrow, broken relationships and financial problems in their lives.
In Hebrews chapter 11, we find a list of truly famous people. These people are famous because of their great faith in God. God was pleased with these famous people. Why? Because they faced problems and did not give up. These people continued to trust in God. We should want to be like these famous people.
Our Bible Reading today tells us to think about Jesus. He is our greatest example of faithfulness. Every day we need to try to be like Jesus.