Faithful Servant (3/5/18)

Abraham did not want his son, Isaac, to marry a woman from Canaan. He was afraid that a woman from Canaan would cause Isaac to stop following God. So Abraham wanted Isaac to marry a woman who followed God.

Abraham had a faithful servant. This servant was in charge of all that Abraham owned. Genesis 24:4 tells us what Abraham told his servant. “Go back to my country, to my own people, to find a wife for my son Isaac. Bring her here to him.”

Abraham’s servant traveled to Abraham’s homeland. The servant prayed to God and asked Him to help him find the right wife for Isaac. God answered the servant’s prayer and showed him a woman named Rebekah. She was the woman who would become Isaac’s wife.

Abraham’s servant is an example of someone who trusted and obeyed God. The servant had a job to do, so he prayed about it. God helped him finish his job and be successful.

God will help us to do our jobs, too. We need to ask God to help us do our best at our jobs. God will bless us and help us be good witnesses for Him.