Faithful Servant

Our verses today tell us that Paul told people “the secret truth of the gospel” (verse 19). What was this secret truth? This was the Good News that God had made a way for people to have their sins forgiven and live with God.

Some people did not believe in Jesus. They wanted Paul to stop preaching the Good News. So they put Paul in prison. But Paul did not stop preaching about Jesus. Some of Paul’s friends helped him teach God’s message. Verse 21 tells us that one those friends was Tychicus. Paul called him a “faithful servant of the Lord’s work” (verse 22).

Tychicus is not mentioned many times in the New Testament. But every time we read about him, he was telling people about Jesus and encouraging Christians to keep following God. He was truly a faithful servant!

God wants us to be faithful servants, too. He wants us to teach people about Jesus and encourage believers. Will you be a faithful servant today?