Terrible things happened to Job. He lost his children, his home and his possessions. Then his body was covered with boils (sores). Job sat among a pile of ashes. He used a piece of pottery to scrape his boils. Job must have felt terrible!
Then Job’s friends came and sat with him. At first, they didn’t say anything. But then they started to accuse Job. They said that he must have done something wrong. Job’s wife even told Job to “curse God and die!” (Job 2:9b)
Life was very hard for Job, but he refused to stop being faithful to God. Finally, Job’s faith was rewarded. God said in verse 8b of our Bible Reading, “…my servant Job said right things about me.” Job 42:12 tells us that God blessed Job with even more things than he had in the beginning.
God blessed Job for his faithfulness. And God will bless us for our faithfulness, too.