. . .Faithfulness

Today we will talk about faithfulness. “Old Faithful” is a geyser (hot spring) in Yellowstone National Park in America. It erupts and sends hot water into the sky about every hour. This geyser has erupted like this for many years and probably will continue for many more years. That is why it is called “faithful.”
In our Bible Reading, the Israelites were ready to go into the new land that God had promised to them. Moses wanted the people to remember God’s law. In these verses, Moses reminded the Israelites to be faithful to God. Moses also told them to love and worship only God. He taught them to never leave God. That is what faithfulness means.
We, too, should be faithful to God. He should be most important in our lives. When we are faithful to our husband or wife, we are being faithful to God. When we are faithful to our friends, we also show our faithfulness to God. I hope that you are faithful to God. Start today to faithfully love and serve Him.