Our Bible Reading today is about Daniel. Daniel was a Jew who was captured and sent to Babylon. Even though Daniel was in a strange country, he still remained faithful to God. “Daniel always prayed to God three times every day” (Daniel 6:10a).
Daniel served King Darius. One day King Darius made a new law. This law said that people could only pray to him. If someone prayed to God, they would be thrown into a den of lions. Soon the king found out that Daniel prayed to God every day. So, Daniel was thrown into a den of lions.
Then a wonderful thing happened! God saved Daniel from the lions. Daniel told King Darius, “My God sent his angel to save me” (verse 22a). Daniel was faithful to always obey God.
Sometimes it is hard to be faithful to God. But we need to obey Him and not worry about what other people think. God will reward us for our faithfulness!