When I think about faithfulness, I think about a boy and his dog. The dog thinks he has the best master in the world. And the boy feels that his dog is his best friend.
God is faithful to us, and we should be faithful to Him. When God’s Holy Spirit lives in us, other people should be able to see our faithfulness. If we are faithful to God, we will obey His commands and try to be like Jesus.
Reading the Bible, reading this devotion book and praying every day are ways we show our faithfulness. But we also need to be faithful to God in the things we say/sign and the things we do. Then other people can truly see that we believe God and follow Him.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about Gaius. He was a man who was faithful to God, even though some people were doing bad things to him. Today you will have opportunities to show your faithfulness to God. Choose to obey God and turn away from sin.