When a person falls down, it can be an embarrassing or even hurtful situation. I remember one time when I fell.
It was a winter day. I was carrying my baby daughter in my arms. We decided to go out to eat after church. My husband parked our car near the curb. I bundled the baby in her blanket and stepped out of the car. My foot caught on the curb and I fell to the ground, rolling in the snow.
I was not hurt, and I quickly checked to see if my daughter was okay. She was calm and not a bit concerned about the fall in the snow! My husband lifted me up and brushed the snow off of me. I was so thankful that my husband was there to help me.
Sometimes we fail in life and we “fall” spiritually. Our Bible Reading reminds us that God is there to help us, just like He helped the Israelites when they were in trouble.
God will help you today if you fall. He loves you and wants to help you stand strong.