False Gods

I attended a church retreat. While I was there, I dressed in sweatpants. Often my hair was not well-combed. But that weekend was a wonderful time of fellowship. I felt close to my Christian friends and to God.
When I arrived home, I took a shower and changed my clothes. I started thinking how I could make myself look good for other people.
A short time after that, I was using makeup to cover the wrinkles on my face. Suddenly I realized that I was too concerned with the way I looked. Then I thought about the many times in the Bible that God warns us about worshiping false gods. I didn’t want to make the way I look more important than worshiping God.
The verses in our Bible Reading remind me that I am God’s child. That is what is most important in my life. I should not be worried about whether I wear makeup or fancy clothes. I should not worship the way I look. Instead, I should worship only God. And I should remember how wonderful and powerful He is.