False Teachers

There are many false teachers in the world today. These false teachers try to cause Christians to stop obeying God.
Many of these false teachers use the Bible. But they twist Bible verses to support their beliefs. These teachers are very deceptive. Often people do not realize that these false teachers are leading them away from God.
In our Bible Reading today, Jude warned Christians about false teachers. In these verses, Jude said that false teachers complain, they boast about themselves, they laugh about God, and they do things that are against God. Jude also said in verse 15b, ?He [God] will punish these people for all the evil things they have done against God…He will punish them for all the bad things they have said against God.?
If you read and study the Bible, you will know the truth. Then you will not be confused by false teachers who try to lead you away from God. Be like the Christians in Berea who ?studied the Scriptures every day? (Acts 17:11b).