Family History

I read some history about a family that came to America from Czechoslovakia. The father made the decision to take his twelve family members and sail to a new country. He made the decision in such a hurry that he didn’t even have time to sell the family farm.

When a Jewish boy read the Old Testament, it was like reading his family history book. He read about how God worked through his ancestors, the Israelites, and brought them to a new home. He read about how the prophets shared God’s messages when they were living in a foreign country.

If you are a Christian, reading the Bible today is like reading your family history. Why? Because you are God’s child. You belong to His family. Paul talks about God’s family in Ephesians 2:19. “So now you non-Jewish people are not visitors or strangers, but you are citizens together with God’s holy people. You belong to God’s family.”

Don’t think about the Bible as just a book full of stories about the things that happened to the Israelites. Think about the Bible as your own personal family history book. Take time today to read some of your family history stories from God’s Word!