This day is Father?s Day in the United States. I will remember my father in a special way today.
My father is a wonderful Christian man. He is patient and very forgiving. I remember one day I was in a hurry as I backed the family car out of the garage. I accidentally scraped the side of his car. I was so upset. When I told my father, he asked, ?Are you okay?? I said, ?Yes.? He said, ?Then the car is okay, too. The scrape can be repaired.?
My father is like the father in the Bible Reading today. This father loved his two sons very much. Even when one son left home, the father continued to love him. While the son was gone, the father hoped every day that his son would come home. When the son finally returned, the father welcomed him and forgave him.
When Jesus told this story, He was really talking about us and God. We all sin and need forgiveness. But God is always waiting for us to repent and ask Him to forgive us. Don?t forget that God is waiting to love and forgive you today.