Favorite Things

Every person has favorite things. Maybe you have a favorite kind of pizza or ice cream. Maybe you have a favorite place to go on a vacation. Or maybe you have a favorite kind of fruit juice or tea.
Why are our favorite things so special? Because we like them the best. Nothing else can be as good as our favorite things. We think that pepperoni pizza and chocolate ice cream are the best in the world.
Our Bible Reading today talks about something that is the best — God. “My Lord, there is no God like you. No one can do what you have done” (verse 7). Many people in the world worship false gods. But these gods cannot do what the one true God can do. God gives us the best life we could ever live. Nothing on earth compares to God!
I am so thankful that I can worship God. He loves me, comforts me and forgives me. Thank God today for being so wonderful and powerful.