Favorite Verses (1)

Maybe you have favorite verses or chapters from the Bible. Maybe these verses give you hope or make you happy. I have many favorite Bible verses. Today and for the next few days, I will share some of these verses with you. I will also tell you why they are my favorite verses.
I like to memorize my favorite verses. Why? Because when I am discouraged or worried, I can remember a verse that will help me. Maybe you have never memorized Bible verses. I encourage you to do that. Some verses are easy to memorize. If you memorize verses, you will have them in your mind when you need help. Also, you will be able to share these verses with other people. Some of my favorite Bible verses are quite long and not easy to memorize. I keep a list of these verses in my Bible so I can find them easily.
Our Bible Reading today talks about loving God’s teachings. I hope that you will read your Bible today and keep God’s words in your mind.