Favorite Verses (3)

In our Bible Reading for today, Paul is quite an encourager! He took time to write a letter to encourage the Christians in Philippi. Paul was thankful for them. He told them they were so close to his heart. Paul informed them that he was praying for them and shared one of the prayers he had prayed for them. Paul expressed confidence that God would continue to work through the Christians in Philippi.
These verses in Philippians are some of my favorite verses because they motivate me to be like Paul. I hope I am an encouragement to others like Paul was. Paul’s example inspires me to pray for others. Also, Paul’s words remind me that God will work through me until Jesus comes again.
Do you encourage other people around you? Perhaps you can send a card to encourage someone. Take time to pray for others today. And remember that God Who began a good work in you will continue it until Jesus comes again! Don’t give up! Remain faithful to Him!