Favorite Verses (4)

Have you ever watched an eagle as it soars across the sky? It lifts its body high into the sky with its mighty wings. Then the eagle seems to float along, high above the wind currents. When I look at the eagle, it looks like he is relaxed and having a good time.
Sometimes we face times of discouragement. We can choose to give in to the discouragement and be sad and depressed. Or we can choose to trust in God. If we trust in God, He will help us rise above our problems. Then we will not be sad and depressed.
When I am discouraged, I like to read the verses from our Bible Reading today. These verses tell me three things: 1) God understands the problems I am facing; 2) He will give me strength to deal with my problems; and 3) God will always pay attention to me when I ask Him for help. That makes me very happy!
Are you facing problems today? Trust in God and let Him encourage and help you.