Fear God

In our Bible Reading today, Jesus talked about fear. In verse 4, Jesus said, ?…don?t be afraid of people. People can kill the body, but after that they can do nothing more to hurt you.? Then Jesus continued to say that we should fear God. Why? Because God ?has the power to kill you and also to throw you into hell. Yes, he is the one you should fear? (verse 5b).
Wow! God is truly powerful, and we should worship and respect Him. But God is also loving. Verse 7 tells us that God even knows how many hairs are on our heads. If God knows that, He must truly love us.
We should always remember that we need to have the right relationship with God. We should fear and respect Him. Studying the Bible helps us know how powerful God is. But we should also love Him with all our hearts. When we think about God?s gift of salvation through Jesus, we love Him more and more.
Show God your respect and love today.