I have a small plaque hanging in my kitchen. The background of the plaque is painted black. Gold letters are printed on the plaque. The words are hard to read during the daytime. But when light shines on the plaque at night, the words show up clearly.
The words on the plaque are: “Fear knocked on the door. Faith answered. No one was there.” These words mean that when we are afraid, we should have faith that God will help us. Then the fear will go away. I bought this plaque for my mother. She worries a lot. I thought these words would help her trust God.
In our Bible Reading today, God talked to the Israelites. Moses had died and now Joshua was to be the new leader. God spoke to the people and told them that they did not need to be afraid. In verse 9 God says, “Remember, I commanded you to be strong and brave. So don’t be scared, because the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”
Maybe you are afraid today. Maybe you are worried about something. You do not need to be afraid. Remember that God loves you and will help you face problems in your life.