Fed by Ravens

Most birds eat seeds, grain or insects. But some birds eat dead things. That is disgusting! These birds are called scavenger birds. A raven is a scavenger bird. Leviticus 11:13-19 tells us that ravens (black birds) are listed as unclean birds. This means that the Jews could not eat them.
Elijah was a prophet (a man who spoke for God) who lived in Israel. Elijah told the evil king, Ahab, that there would be no rain for a few years. Then God told Elijah to go hide by a creek. Elijah got his drinking water from the creek. And God used ravens to bring food to Elijah every day.
Elijah knew that ravens were unclean birds. But I do not think Elijah complained about the food the ravens brought him.
Sometimes God gives us things or allows things to happen to us. We do not understand these things. Then we complain that God is not taking care of us. But instead of complaining, we should be thankful that God loves us.