I know some Christians who think that they must be happy all the time. But that is not true. Christians are God’s children, but everyone has feelings that they need to express.
In our Bible Reading today, God’s servant, Ezra, had a problem. A foreign country captured the Israelites and sent them away. While the Israelites were in the foreign country, they disobeyed God by marrying people that did not worship God. The Israelites finally returned to Israel. But by that time they had mixed with many other cultures. God was not happy with this situation.
The leaders of Israel told Ezra about this problem. Ezra did not hide his feelings from the people. He knew that he needed to pray and ask God to forgive the Israelites.
It is okay for us to express our feelings. But, we must make sure that we do not sin. God wants us to tell Him when we feel sad or upset. He will always be there to pay attention to our prayers.