If I had to choose someone to judge me, I would choose God. God is fair, righteous and true. God is full of mercy and grace. I need someone like that to be my judge.
King Jehoshaphat of Judah had a problem. His little army was very weak compared to the large armies of Ammon and Moab. But Jehoshaphat was a good king. He called all the people of Judah together. Then all of Judah – the men, women, children, priests and ruler – cried out to God for help. God’s answer to them is in verse 15 of our Bible Reading today. “Don’t be afraid or worry about this large army, because the battle is not our battle. It is God’s battle!”
It is not easy to be a Christian. We need to choose to follow God’s Word. When we make that choice, God will be on our side. He will be the army that fights for us. God will give us wisdom when we feel weak and alone.
Remember today that God has promised to never leave us or forget us.